2017 Winter Newsletter
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President's Letter Education Update Advocacy Update
HFL Update Scholarship Update
President's Letter

Hello Kentucky,

Once again, it is good to be in contact with you and your teams. But first and foremost, I must take a moment to recognize our outgoing KSHE President David Hall. The term David completed has been one of the most challenging and eventful office periods I have witnessed. Mr. Hall has bridged the gap between KSHE operating as an independent organization to functioning as a progressive chapter under the guidance of CMP. Our Annual Conference was a huge success not to mention profitable. ASHE recognition has not wavered during our transitions as David insured our national affiliation maintained its strength. With David’s leadership, KSHE is a much better and stronger organization than when he took office. For your leadership, hard work, countless hours and never ending dedication to KSHE, we thank you! You have left very large shoes to fill.

“If you are not changing….you are behind.” This comment has been frequently used when discussing computers. But as you all are much aware, change has become a major part of our work life. The recent adoption of the NFPA 101 2012 Life Safety Code and NFPA 99 Healthcare Facilities Code, the 2017 Joint Commission Standards alone is enough to keep your head spinning! Add the challenge of maintaining aging facilities and struggling to understand the latest technology….you know the story, you live it every day!

Your KSHE Board of Directors is hard at work developing programs to help you manage your changing environment.

  • A revised “Certified Healthcare Technicians” program is available to improve Contractor competency when working within your facility. Couple this with two “Certified Healthcare Contractor” workshops, that will be available throughout the state, and a “Contractors Guidelines Program” (which can be downloaded from our website) and you should be better equipped to manage construction in your facility.
  • The ASHE “Energy to Care” program is available to assist you and your organization in the control and management of energy use…..at no cost to your organization.
  • This year we will produce educational programs that address Code changes.
  • And last but certainly not least, we will develop an Annual Conference you won’t want to miss!
Remember, your support through Memberships and Event Participation allow us the means to provide educational programs that can help you meet the ever changing environment you face every day!

Jack A. Merrill CHE, CHFM, CHPA
2017 KSHE President
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education update
2017 stands to be a tremendous year for educational opportunities and events for KSHE members and affiliates. This along with the ASHE Annual in August just up the road in Indianapolis, should make for an excellent year to get our heads wrapped around some major changes and ongoing challenges in our industry. Please keep these upcoming events in mind as you fill in your 2017 calendar:
  • March 17, 2017- Certified Healthcare Contractor(CHC) presentation in Lexington.
  • May 2017 – NFPA 2012 Update and/or TJC Safer Matrix & Standard Update. Location TBD
  • May 2017- Updated Version of Certified Healthcare Technician(CHT) training.
  • June/July- Certified Healthcare Contractor(CHC) presentation Eastern KY.
  • August 6-9, 2017- ASHE Annual Conference, Indianapolis IN.
  • September 26-28, 2017 – HCC Conference, Lexington, KY.
  • Oct/Nov - Certified Healthcare Contractor(CHC) presentation Western KY.
While we are still firming up dates and locations for some of the events, you will note that we plan to present the CHC presentation at venues across the state to support participation and reduce expenses. You can help by assisting and/or providing a location for training. Please feel free to contact any of your KSHE board representatives. Looking forward to a great 2017!

Mike Canales
KSHE Education Board Member
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advocacy update
The big topic for 2017 is the adoption of the 2012 editions of the NFPA 101 and 99 codes. With this come changes to the 2017 Joint Commission EC and LS Standards. Print versions of these were available in December of 2016 and the E-dition (electronic) Standards were made available on January 9, 2017. If you don’t have these, getting them soon will be important to stay in compliance with the changes.

Many of the changes affect what you can do concerning items in corridors, suite sizes, testing frequencies, fire places and limited cooking facilities. There are new requirements for annual testing and inspection of door assemblies. Labeling of utility system controls and fire alarm system circuit breakers are also a couple of changes. Additional emphasis is being placed on required temperature, humidity and pressure relationships in non-critical areas such as general care nursing units, clean an soiled utility rooms in acute care areas, laboratories, pharmacies, diagnostic and treatment areas, food preparation areas and other support departments.

Other changes relate to emergency generator lighting, remote stop and remote annunciators with battery backup. Along with this is the requirement to annually test generator fuel quality to make sure it meets ASTM standards. These are just some of the changes you need to be aware. Along with these comes the change in the Joint Commission survey process as they transition to the SAFER Matrix model where a finding is placed on the Matrix based on the likelihood of the issue causing harm to patients, staff, or visitors and according to how widespread the problem is. This is based on the surveyors’ observations.

A final item that ASHE would like to bring attention to is the upcoming NFPA 2017 Technical Meeting being held in Boston, MA on June 7, 2017. It is important that we as healthcare engineers have our voices heard as we vote on important code changes that will affect us down the road. Documents to be voted on at this meeting are the 2018 Editions of NFPA 101 and 99 and many others.

David Hall
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hfl update

OCTC Healthcare Facilities Leadership Update - February 2017

Late winter greetings from the HFL program at OCTC! It is hard to believe we are entering our third full year of the HFL program! If enrollment this past semester is any kind of indicator, then the future of the program appears to be in for a very bright and rapidly growing future. The past two Spring semesters the program enrolled approximately 10 students. This semester the program enrolled over 20 with another 10 applications for summer and fall. Keeping in mind, Fall is typically the largest enrollment group. So why the increased enrollment? I would suggest three trends have formed, program awareness, credential requirement, and desire for professional development. I would like to touch on the last item for this update. When it comes to professional development, I believe those working within the profession of healthcare facilities management share a common understanding of the demands and scope of the job. In fact, I would say that all of us know that if we do not keep learning and growing, our ability to be effective will diminish quickly. A good example of this is the recent adoptions and related changes with Life Safety Code, NFPA 99, & Joint Commissions Safer Matrix. This along with CMS addition of the Emergency Management in the Conditions of Participation is enough for us to chew on and digest for a few years! I believe the challenge we have(as if this was not enough), is gaining the understanding and support of those that we report to!

I would suggest that many executives and administrators have come to expect that we are able to “naturally” absorb, develop, and execute our jobs because of our natural God given abilities and experiences. While, this is quite a high opinion and honor, it does us and the organizations we serve a disservice. For those of you who have executives and administrators that “get it” and fully support your ongoing professional development and give the resources for you to develop your personnel, I suggest you are very fortunate and should thank them every day for their support! For the rest of us, we need to seek to educate and inform our administrators the value and return on investment professional development brings to the organization in the form of money, time, morale, and safety! Keep in mind, we need to do the same for our personnel! I hope this update has motivated and inspired you to commit to your personal development and the development of others! The HFL program is here for you, if it is an academic credential you need or are seeking. Looking forward to spring!

Warmest Regards,

Mike Canales mike.canales@kctcs.edu phone #270 852 8142
Mary Kinney mary.kinney@kctcs.edu phone #270 686 4434
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scholarship update
Applications for the Kentucky Society of Healthcare Engineers (KSHE) Scholarship Program are accepted year-round with deadline of April 15 each year.
Learn More and Apply Today

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