2018 Healthcare Coalition Conference - Track Details
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Emergency Management Track I & II

Recent regulatory changes and increasing expectations for healthcare facilities and communities to engage in emergency preparedness is the driving force for local, regional, and state healthcare organizations to attend the Emergency Management Track. Local, regional, state, and national representatives & speakers will be present to address existing, new, and emerging management requirements and needs for healthcare. Emergency Management specific vendors will also be present. Whether you are a seasoned veteran, new in your position, or just becoming aware of emergency management requirements for your healthcare business, the HCC Emergency Management Track will benefit you and your organization. Do not miss this educational and networking opportunity!

Leadership & Management Track


Materials Management Track

This year’s Materials Management track offers nationally recognized speakers discussing topics that are of particular relevance to Kentucky healthcare Supply Chain leaders. Over the two day conference our attendees will not only learn innovative approaches and best practices, but they will also gain an understanding of how other healthcare systems across Kentucky are handling similar issues and processes that are affecting their organization’s bottom line. Some of the Material Management track presentations include:

  • How e-commerce is changing how healthcare supply chain staff research and purchase products.
  • Evolution of GPO’s in the healthcare supply chain - past, present and future.
  • Expand your knowledge of Excel through real life scenarios to show how to use VLookup to make cost savings review effective and easy.
  • Overview of MACRA basics, and the impact it is having on clinicians and the healthcare supply chain across the country.

Safety & Security Track

  • Six in-depth sessions
  • Delivered by healthcare security experts from all across the country.
  • Discussing the best practices, trends, and current issues within healthcare security and safety.
  • 2018’s focus includes active shooter preparation, security management best practices, weapons and security tools, and the future of hospital security.
  • Network with the industries best and establish connections that will last a lifetime.
  • Learn about the International Association of Healthcare Security (IAHSS) and Safety and the benefits of membership.

Toolbelt Track

  • Tool Belt Classes will be offered the first day of the HCC
  • All Tool Belt Classes will be “face-to-face/hands-on” learning
  • Morning Tool Belt classes will be geared toward the “skilled trades” (HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical)
  • Tool Belt Classes are intended for the healthcare employed folks actually doing the work
  • The training theme for the morning sessions will be: “What is a ________; What does it do; What are 5 things that can go wrong with a ____________; How do you diagnose what went wrong; What do you do to fix it”

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