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CHE, Certified Healthcare Engineer

CHE exam is offered at the end of the last day of the Annual Conference. Cost is $25.00.

Who is Eligible for CHE?

To be eligible for the Certified Healthcare Engineer examination, a candidate must fulfill the following requirements:

  • The applicant must be a current member in good standing of KSHE.
  • The applicant must have been a member of KSHE for three (3) years; not necessarily consecutive.
  • The applicant must be currently employed as a member of a healthcare facility management staff and have a minimum of three (3) years’ experience in such capacity.
  • The applicant must have a high school diploma or equivalent.

 You may register to take the CHE once the annual HCC conference registration is open. 

CHC, Certified Healthcare Contractor

CHC is a 1-day class and exam offered 2-3 times each year. The Healthcare Facilities Orientation & Safety Training is a pre-requisite for the CHC. Cost is $175. The CHC class earns you 6 contact hours.

The purpose of this landmark program is to educate contractors (owners, operations managers, project managers, etc.) in the many critical aspects that are unique to working in healthcare facilities. Hospitals created the concept of 24/7; therefore, whenever a contractor performs services in a healthcare facility, the team of employees must be familiar with the Patient Safety, Patient Privacy, Infection Control, Risk Assessment and more. This Program will give you the knowledge you need to successfully navigate the rules and regulations that hospitals and their contractors must abide by. 


Healthcare Facilities Orientation & Safety Training - Safe Day One

Certified Healthcare Technician is Now the Healthcare Facilities Orientation & Safety Training - Safe Day One

Healthcare Facilities Orientation & Safety Training is NOW ONLINE and AVAILABLE IN SPANISH!

$129 a person and earns you 6 contact hours

In response to ever tightening travel and education budgets, KSHE – in conjunction with the Owensboro Community and Technical College (OCTC) - developed an online course to expand the reach of its popular Certified Healthcare Technician Training Program. This timely offering was initially established in a classroom setting and delivered within Kentucky state lines. Now the program has been transferred to the online/distance learning environment to expand the reach of the training to any employed or contract technician providing services in a healthcare environment. The program covers four primary operational functions: 
  • Module 1 - "Before you Arrive" Pre-construction Risk Assessment
    (Infection Prevention, Fire Safety, Patient Privacy, & Vaccinations)
  • Module 2 - "When you Arrive"
    (Parking, Security, Permits, Emergency Codes, & Teamwork)
  • Module 3 - "While you're Working / Before you Leave"
    (Odors, Vibration & Noise, Compartmentalization, Debris Removal, etc.)
  • Module 4 - "Environmental & OSHA Safety"
    (Confined Space, Ladder Safety, Blood-borne Pathogens & much more)

Certification Renewal

KSHE Certification Programs are renewable every 3 years. Recertification must be earned within 60 days from the certification expiration date. Any ASHE, KSHE or other ASHE chapter educational class is acceptable as contact hours. Other classes must be reviewed by KSHE for approval.

  • CHE Renewals must pay $10 and submit 30 contact hours in Healthcare Engineering or retake the exam.

  • CHC Renewals have three options for renewal:
    1. Retake the Healthcare Facilities Orientation & Safety Training course online and the CHC class*
    2. Submit 6 hours in Healthcare Engineering and retake the CHC class*. 
    3. Submit 12 contact hours in Healthcare Engineering
    *If retaking the CHC Course, Renewals do not need to retake the exam.

  • Healthcare Facilities Orientation & Safety Training Renewals must either retake the course or submit 6 contact hours in Healthcare Engineering.

If you have questions regarding your certification, please email info@kshe.org

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